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We are pleased to support #WEWEARAUSTRALIAN | An initiative to raise awareness of those in the fashion industry impacted by the global situation at hand, and unite the industry to contribute to the rebuild of our community.⁠

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Our Customers Rock

In all seriousness they totally do!

Last month we did a call out on Instagram to see if any of our Brisbane customers would be willing to step in front of the camera for us.

We got the most amazing response, with 5 fabulous fashionistas stepping up and standing by my side as I stepped outside my comfort zone for the day.

Meet Renee, Jacinta, Louise, Karen W & Karen M,  5 women who absolutely rock!


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Capsule Collection - 7 pieces + 4 Accessories = 21 outfits

Lucky enough to be setting off on a holiday adventure?

Are you a seasoned packer?

Do you travel light or are you the type that takes everything but the kitchen sink with them - just in case?

If you are the later and want a few tips on how to pack light when you are going away for more then a few days this is the collection for you, 

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The Spirit Of India

We fell in love with North India & brought back a slice of her in the form of a small limited edition capsule collection.

5 pieces, we designed specifically with you in mind,reflective of the amazing places that we visited and experienced. Soft lightweight, cotton rich styles that will work perfectly in our Australian summer. Keeping you sun safe and cool at the same time.

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Denim Care - Are you doing it all wrong?

We know that a fabulous pair of denim are akin to being your best friend or lover even.When you find the perfect pair of denim you want to ensure that throughout their lives they are always looking amazing and are at the top of their game - we share some tips..

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