Hey there 👋🏻

Hey there 👋🏻

We just wanted to say hi and give a quick intro, especially to those of you who are new around here – welcome!

We're Kerry & Angelo the peeps behind Harlow.

Our goal at Harlow is pretty straightforward: Our purpose is to create beautiful clothes for women in sizes 12-26. We craft our pieces using quality fabrics and timeless styles that you can enjoy for years to come while still looking and feeling fabulous. We produce in limited runs because we want to offer you something that’s unique.

We're big on working in collaboration with other small businesses. All our clothes are made right here in Melbourne, and our 100% Merino Wool knitwear comes from the Yarra Valley. Supporting local production is important to us because it keeps skills and local manufacturing alive.

We operate on an on-demand model. Preorders open for a short period and then we only produce what is necessary – plus a few extra sizes for exchanges. This approach allows us to accurately assess demand before we begin production. Our goal is to create the right amount of stock, maintaining limited edition pieces while minimizing our environmental impact.

Fun fact: Harlow was actually born out of a solution to Kerry's own fashion challenges. Just like you, she struggled to find clothes she loved; often, clothes that fit were hard to come by. Shopping wasn't enjoyable (you know that feeling, right?). Eventually, Kerry found it easier to sew her own clothes than to scour through stores and consistently be disappointed.

That's how Harlow got its start. Since we launched in March 2013, we've been all about helping women like you find clothes that make you feel confident and powerful.

Why you may ask? Because you absolutely deserve it!

Our main belief is that every woman should have fashion that matches her style and personality.

When you rock our brand, we hope our pieces make you feel as amazing as you truly are.

With ❤️



Side note: time for an updated photo of us together - this one is from April 2022 🙈

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