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How To Order a Custom length in the Hotel California pnt
In my recent “Take a Closer Look” video, I shared some exciting news about how we’re working to make our Harlow products even better for you, our amazing customers!
We’ve been listening to your feedback, especially about extending the length of our items, and we’ve been hard at work finding solutions. Previously I struggled to find a solution that wouldn’t increase production costs and final prices. But after brainstorming with our extended Harlow team, Vicki, our manufacturer, Kerry, our patternmaker, and myself, we’ve found some great ways to make minor adjustments that can accommodate different leg lengths, especially in our pants.
You might have already noticed that starting last year, we’ve been adding a 6cm hem allowance to all our pants. This means you have extra length that can be let down for further extension.
However, with our Hotel California pants, it’s been a bit more challenging since they aren’t easily tailored after washing*. So, we’ve come up with a different approach: adjusting the pants before washing to give you that custom length you desire. Whether you want them longer or shorter, we can make it happen, with up to 6cm of adjustment during production.
Excited about our Hotel California Wide Leg Denim Pant and want to order with a custom length? Here’s what you’ll need to provide:
You’re in leg measurement! Simply measure from the crotch junction to the bottom of your preferred pants (the desired length) for the perfect fit. Then add this information into the notes section of your order. Or email us and we will adjust your order with the correct length. It’s that easy!
*Since the garment is initially made with raw denim fabric and then washed to soften and enhance the colour, if we were to unpick the stitching for length adjustments, we'd end up with a darker line resembling the raw denim colour underneath – which just wouldn’t work.
I've put together some step-by-step visual guides to help
How to measure your inleg
how to measure your inleg on a plus size pant
Making notes in your order Harlow
where the perfect length is on a wide length pant plus size
Just a heads up, due to the washing process, there may be a slight variation in the finished length, but don’t worry, it usually falls within a 1-2cm tolerance. 
And a quick note on our return policy: since these styles are custom-fit to your length, we can’t accept returns or exchanges unless there’s a fault. However as always if there is a way we can help out after you have received your item we will do our best to help you out .
plus size wide leg denim pants Australian made
Note this measurement guide works for any length customisation you may want, if you contact us, we will always try an accommodate custom alterations, they may sometimes come at a addition alteration fee. 

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