Sharing my word of the year for 2024 ✨

As the curtain falls on each passing year, I usually have settled on a word (sometimes 2) that will be my theme for the coming year. A word or two that will encompass what I need/want from the coming year, & when I read or think of them, they act as a compass, directing me back to my years intentions.
At the end of 2023, I was so depleted in energy, both physically and mentally that I found that I could barely think, so instead of pushing it, I chose to sit back and trust that they would reveal themselves in due time.
Late last week as I came across the above image my intention for 2024 became clear ✨
I am making 2024 the year of watering and nurturing the things that water & nurture me. Those that enhance my soul and being. I am looking to nature for my inspiration, I adopting the same care and tenderness I apply to my plants.

Just like the way I care for my green companions—watering, tending to the soil, fertilizing, weeding, pruning, providing shade, relocating them for optimal conditions, planting them with companion plants*, ensuring they receive ample sunlight, fresh air, cleaning their leaves, repotting when necessary, and giving them the space, they need—so too will I nurture my own life. Through a bit of work and patience, I know the BLOOMS will inevitably follow 🌱 🌿 🌺
I am embracing NUTURE & PATIENCE as my words of 2024 🌼
I began this process in some aspects during 2023, and in 2024, it's about sustaining and deepening these efforts.
Among the areas I’ll be nurturing are, my relationships new and old, my creativity I have loved drawing, my physical wellbeing, my mental health, moments spent in solitude, communion with nature, movement, and the delicate balance of stillness.

Are you someone that takes on a word? If so I would love you to share with me the word or words that would guide your 2024, or what you aspire to nurture in the coming year ❤️
With 💓
Kerry xXx
*Companion plants :
it is believed that growing certain plants in close proximity to others may help deter pests, promote growth and even improve flavour—or on the opposite end of the spectrum, certain plants, when planted close to one another, may actually stunt each other’s growth - just like us ❤️

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