We have BIG NEWS!

Hello 🖐️

We have been teasing you all with our BIG NEWS and now it's time for the BIG REVEAL!

After much heartfelt deliberation we have come to a momentous decision: Harlow will be embarking on an extended break. Our store will temporarily close in the upcoming months, and we will be stepping away for the remainder of this year and beyond, as we assess the best path forward for Harlow.

For over a decade, Harlow has poured its heart and soul into the Australian fashion world with unwavering dedication and boundless passion.

From the moment Harlow stepped out into the world in March 2013, its mission has been unwavering: to empower women by designing clothing that not only fits but also makes them feel truly confident and powerful. Its dedication has always been crystal clear - to craft beautiful garments for women sized 12-26. Taking immense pride in making a tangible difference in how women perceive themselves, infusing each timeless piece with care and attention to detail. From selecting premium fabrics to perfecting the fit and designing styles that celebrate plus-size bodies, every step is infused with passion and purpose.

Together with Harlow, we have celebrated so many triumphs, from strutting the runways in Melbourne & Sydney fashion weeks, featured by Australia Post for a nation-wide video campaign, inclusion in hardcover books, countless magazine, and newspaper articles, to pop-ups all over Australia, and our customer photoshoots were an absolute highlight. However, Harlow’s biggest triumph has been YOU. Without this amazing community, Harlow could not have shone brightly for so long.

If you have read this far, I am sure there are many feelings and questions. Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing with you more information on what this Harlow break means for you.

We want these next few months to be a celebration of the past 11 years of Harlow. We will be sharing our memories—the good, the fabulous, and the magical. Of course, we would love to hear from you: your favourite pieces, what you're still kicking yourself about not buying, and what Harlow means to you ❤️
A few key points:
BUSINESS AS USUAL: For now, it’s business as usual, with all our regular T&C’s applying, 14-day returns and exchanges. 

SIGN UP BONUS If your signed up to receive our BIG NEWS, inside your newsletter would have found a little JUST FOR YOU GIFT! As a BIG HEARTFELT thank you for being invested in our news ❤️

BUSINESS AS USUAL For now, it’s business as usual, with all our regular T&C’s applying, 14-day returns and exchanges – even in the current 3-day sale.

PRE ORDERS: Our next three pre-orders will continue. To help you anticipate what is yet to come, tomorrow we will unveil all upcoming styles in a 'COMING SOON' tab. This will give you the option to check out what's to come and sign up to be notified when each pre-order opens. The only change is that we will be matching all pre-orders to the EXACT order number from now until the last day. So, if you're keen to grab something, make sure you do so via pre-order, as there will be no extra units ordered.

LAST DAY OF TRADE:  At this stage, we are not 100% sure when our last day of trade will be, but we are aiming for just over 12 weeks.

GIFT CARDS: We highly encourage you to use your gift card ASAP whilst we have sufficient stock levels.

WHAT'S NEXT? We plan on clearing all stock and vacating our Brunswick premises. But don’t worry, all of our prized patterns, fit samples, specifications, and all our data will be stored in a secure place, safely waiting until Harlow is ready to dance again.

We plan to keep our FB, IG, TikTok and website active. This is where you will find all our updates if you want to keep your finger on the Harlow pulse.

Meeting you, our glorious Harlow customers has always been a highlight. Whether at our pop-up shops, runways, events, or randomly in coffee shops. 

Seeing you in our pieces always makes us grin like Cheshire cats. Please keep sending us your Harlow selfies, tagging us in your socials & we look forward to many Harlow sightings in the wild during our break period.

Pausing Harlow is a decision that has not been an easy one, however we know that it is a necessary step so we can ensure that Harlow’s future will be one that is BRIGHT.

With sincere love & gratitude,

Kerry & Angelo



PS A little side note, we are calling this a break, however at this stage we don’t know how long this break will be, as a website its likely to be a minimum of 18 months, however it could also be indeed indefinitely, we need to fond a way to make it financially viable before we can return, fingers crossed for us 🤞

Which means it may be your last chance to grab a Harlow piece.

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