An update on Harlow in 2024 💙

My words last blog post was about my words of the year - NUTURE & PATIENCE, these are not only for my personal life they ring just as true for this little love child of ours Harlow.

The past 12 months have posed their fair share of challenges, both on a personal level and here in Harlow. Honestly, it feels a bit like I've been singing the same tune for the past four years 😬.

With personal struggles and the economic landscape weighing heavily, by mid last year, we were admittedly tired, and that fatigue showed in our reduced connection with you, our fabulous community.

After a much-needed break (the longest we have had in the history of Harlow), we’re pleased to say, we have emerged with a fresh perspective and a renewed spirit, ready to meet the needs of the people who form the heartbeat of our business.

We share below a few of the things we are working on for this season.


With the success of our preorder model, we are continuing through 2024 🎉 The response to our preorder model has been seriously amazing. With so many of you loving the idea that a little wait time gives you a chance to really think about whether you love a piece and if it's a perfect match for your existing wardrobe. It's like a pause for fashion reflection! 🤔 Plus, the anticipation of waiting for that oh-so-exciting item makes it even more special. And can we talk about the blush-worthy ☺️ moments when customers say they know our pieces are totally worth the wait? Cue the happy dance!
Drumroll, please 🥁 Our first preorder is kicking off in mid-February!
We know, we know – talking about knitwear & winter weight items in February when the sun ☀️ is still shining strong might sound a bit out there, but hear us out. We are all about quality, partnering with small boutique manufacturers who take time to craft each item to perfection. That means we need a bit of a runway (pun intended!) to ensure everything is just right. By hopping on the preorder train early, you're giving us the green light to get those fabulous pieces into production ASAP!
Starting early also means we can spread out our preorder launches every 10 days, giving you the chance to add those must-have items to your wardrobe at your own pace.
Mark your calendars for mid-February, and get ready to dive into the world of early pre-orders. Your wardrobe will thank you, and you'll be strutting your stuff in the latest styles while others are still deciding what to wear.
Along with our first pre-order, we will be launching our AW24 Preorder Preview Calendar. A lookbook-style calendar that will let you in on all the fabulousness we have coming, so you can plan your fashion escapades.
Now you can plan your wardrobe conquests in advance. Want that chic cardi-dress or those wide-leg denim pants? The calendar spills the tea on what's coming, helping you strategize your shopping. Your shortcut to style planning and snagging the hottest looks!
We know that the TACL (Take a closer look) videos we produce are something that is well-received. Getting the low down on the fabric, the fit, the length, the flow, the stitching details, helps you to have all the info at hand to make an informed decision on whether a piece is for you. We have plans to unveil them 24 hours before each launch so that you can watch them before the piece goes live! Allowing you to feel confident to press add to cart and not be disappointed by missing out.
We are endeavoring to shoot all the little sneak peek preview videos at fit sessions, on mannequins, and on me when we get samples in.
We had such an amazing reaction to the impromptu Wide Leg Denim Pant video that I posted last week on socials. Not only did it give you a sneak peek at what is coming, but it also warmed my heart as it calmed me knowing that you were going to love what we had created, and that is why we do this 😍
We have planned our preorder launches to be predominantly 1 style per drop & on rare occasions just 2. Giving you a chance to spread out your spending if multiple items from our preview calendar have made it to your wish list!
We've added a MESSAGE US box to the website (bottom right corner) where you can ask us anything.
Being a micro-business, with just Angelo and myself, we sadly can’t answer these live; however, we can promise to not keep you waiting to long and answer by the end of the next business day.
If there is anything you would like us to implement or change that would help you make a more informed decision when purchasing from us please let us know, you can reply to this email or send an answer directly to me
Here's to a fresh start and a year brimming with reasons to rejoice!

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  • Nicole

    You are my wardrobe heroes. Everything I’ve bought from you guys fits so beautifully and LASTS through wash after wash. For me, I’m a size 12-14 but curvy, and your clothes just GET me, helping me look polished and business-like without worrying about a button popping or a too tight blazer cramping my style. I’m not just a fan I’m a mega fan and can’t wait to see what’s coming in 2024.

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