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At Harlow we are BIG believer's that LOVE should not just be celebrated 1 day a year, when everyone else is doing it and its the thing to do, but EVERY SINGLE DAMN day of the year!

Don't get me wrong who doesn't love a sweeping grand show of love? But Its usually the small ways we show love that are the most important. 
Mutual respect in the words we use and the actions we take, good communication, saying "I love you" on the daily, encouraging & believing in each other, and even taking out the rubbish & putting the toilet seat down (wink emoji) 

But its not just a love affair with a significant other that we should celebrate in this way, but the love for ourselves. If your not in the habit of doing so already, start a self love regime, tell yourself you matter EVERY SINGLE DAMN day, encourage & believe in YOU, take a little time aside every day and do something for you, take a walk in the fresh air, lie in a tub of bubbles, read a book, pop on a face mask, meditated, whatever makes your soul feel lighter and makes your heart sing - do that.

Happy Valentines to each and everyone of you  




Image : They all hate us

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