Styling Every Body Work Shop & #Realtalk Event

Last month we hosted our very first styling event, in conjunction with the brilliant Sonsee & Australian Style Institute we wanted to share with you a little of the magic of the day...


The day’s events started off with a bang thanks to Australian Style Institute’s founder and director, Lauren Di Bartolo. Her Keynote speech was an uplifting reminder that really good style should be irrelevant of shape, size, age and budget.



"We can never think that our current shape, size, age and budget is a barrier for us to look and feel our best because it simply isn’t true, we just haven’t found the right pieces yet"

Lauren also introduced us all to Belinda and Claire who were our stylists for the afternoon. With the help of models Sally and Lucy they showed us how to get the most out of our clothing, as well as how to confidently introduce new and different pieces into our wardrobe...

Then of course, began the highly anticipated #REALTALK panel. It was an honour to host this group of highly intelligent and motivational women. The panel was hosted by Sonsee founder Vanessa Babuin-Perera, who asked our panellists questions such as...

"We hear a lot about body positivity and that we should LOVE our bodies as they are! Is this something you believe?" & "We all have an inner voice that can sometimes be loaded with negativity. How do you calm yours?"

Katherine - "We are getting there, we are starting to see women in a variety of sizes, ages, ethnicities walking runways, in advertising and in magazines, championing our differences, but it’s a slower than we’d like”

Bron - “I want women to see that they’re better than just the back racks of large retailers, and that they’re allowed to step up, stand out and to wear clothes that they LOVE!"

Kerry - ”We make clothes for women because we think they're worth it. We aim to empower women by giving them Fashion that not only fits, but that they LOVE & makes them feel good”

Erika - "There’s nothing wrong with you, your brain is programmed to look for what’s not right. So how does that shift? Awareness! Changing what you choose to put into your field? Surround yourself with positivity - your attention is everything."

Naturally there plenty of time for drinks , nibbles and a lot of great conversation.

Our Pop-up totally popped! And the communal changeroom was a hive of support and big smiles.

I think it’s safe to say that the event was a success in every possible way. We were so overwhelmed by all of the attendee’s enthusiasm and positivity throughout the whole afternoon, it was a truly magical experience!

We’ve popped the links below if you’re keen to know more about all of our wonderful speakers, stylists and everyone else who was involved in making the event such a wonderful day all round…

Lauren Di Bartolo @australianstyleinstitute

Belinda Navez @navezstyling

Claire @teenstylemelbourne

Erika Cramer @thequeenofconfidence

Bron Sheridan @realmumstyle

Katherine @bellamanagement

Lucy Watson @lucyjane__ 

Sally Earl @sally.earl

Vanessa Babuin-Perera @sonsee_woman


Keen to see more of the action? Check out all of the photos here:


and watch our video wrap up here : WATCH NOW