At Harlow we use a mix of 100% Linen & Linen blends in our pieces, why Linen blends I hear you ask? Well, I’m glad you did!

    Linen blends? they're like linen's cool, low-maintenance cousin. You still get that classy linen look, but with way fewer wrinkles. And when those stubborn creases show up, just hit 'em with a medium-hot iron or a little steam while the fabric's still damp—voila, problem solved!

    My LAZY GIRL tip: Use a minimum spin cycle, straighten the collar, and drape them over a hanger to dry. This minimizes creases, and my body heat usually smooths out any remaining wrinkles within 30 minutes of wearing. I love linen's relaxed vibe and its slight texture when not crisply ironed!

    But it's not just looks; it's a powerhouse duo. Linen's strength meets cotton and viscose for softness and comfort. Wrinkles? No biggie. Durability? Check. Comfort? Absolutely.

    Oh, and did we mention that all our linen blends are not just stylish but eco-friendly too? They're biodegradable, and our linen/cotton blends are even compostable, so you're not just adding style to your wardrobe but also a touch of practicality and eco-consciousness. 💃🌿

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