At Harlow, relationships are at the core of what we do, from our inhouse team, to our contractor, manufacturers and our amazing customers - we know that together we are stronger. That it’s not us alone that bring Harlow to life, but rather an extended team of people who value quality and integrity that work together with our vision.


In this unprecedented time, we have seen how working with this ideal is the only way. We have been blown away by the support we have received from every member of our immediate and extended team. As a community we have banded together to help in any way we can, to share ideas, give advice, check on each other or to offer up a virtual shoulder to cry on. These interactions and connections have lightened our heavy load and given us something to be thankful for.


This is why we are honoured to support the #WEWEARAUSTRALIAN initiative.


An initiative to raise awareness for those in the Australian fashion industry who have been deeply impacted by the global situation at hand. Our local fashion industry employs hundreds of thousands of Australians every day and like so many industries right now it is under real threat as we move into unprecedented times. By buying Australian brands first you are supporting our fashion industry right now when it needs you, and in turn, ensuring we still have a thriving industry once these darker times are behind us.


In partnership with @showroom_x_ + @ententeagency, Australian brands are uniting during these uncertain times and proving that we are #bettertogether.


Harlow is proud to partner with this initiative, by offering 20% off storewide through to the end of April.


Enter code WWA2020 at checkout to apply discount.


We will also be donating 1 garment for every 5 sold during the WWA campaign to https://www.threadtogether.org/, who deliver good quality clothing to people in our community who are doing it tough.

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