We Want You Campaign - Meet Emily

A few weeks back we introduced you to the 6 fabulous women who are a part of our "We want you campaign"  read original post HERE

Now its time to introduce you to each of these women individually, and share with you the fabulous imagery that they took to help us  showcase everyday women who wear Harlow. To be able to have more images on our socials reflect the women who back us, with every purchase they make. To show everyone of the women that chooses to support us that you matter, that women come in all shapes, heights, sizes, and that each of us can rock an outfit with style.

Over the coming weeks we will introduce each one individually. To date we have introduced you to Gina, Helen, Amy, Ruby today we meet...

meet emily

meet emily as part of our we want you campaign

all about emily


lucky star dress

holiday in the sun dress

crazy sexy cool denim skirt

khaki shirt

emilys measurements

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