We Want You Campaign launch

22, December 2020 2 min read 1 Comment

A few months back we made a call out to see if any of you fabulous women would be willing to step in front of the camera to be a part of our "We want you campaign".

Our aim with this campaign was to showcase everyday women who wear Harlow and to be able to have more images on our socials reflect the women who back us, with every purchase they make. It was to show you and everyone of the women that chooses to support us that you matter, that women come in all shapes, heights, sizes, and that each of us can rock an outfit with style.

We received an amazing amount of applications, it was so hard to choose the final 6, SO HARD!

We sent these fabulous women 3 outfits to shoot & can we just say WOW!!! - the images we received back blew us away, every single time I look at these they make me smile so wide my cheeks hurt. Seeing women looking confident, fabulous and comfortable in our designs is just such an amazing feeling. We produce fabulous pieces, but it's the women that wear them that make them special, it makes our hearts swell if they can slip on a piece of Harlow and it helps them to shine their brightest.

We are sure you will agree that these images are amazing! We have included each of the models height & measurements and sizes they wore in each piece so you can better determine what each piece may look like on you. 

This is just a small taste of the images from this campaign, over the coming weeks we will be introducing each of the models in more detail, via newsletters & blogposts as well showcasing more of these images on our socials - stay tuned.

BIG, HUGE thank you to Emily, Gina, Ruby, Michelle, Amy & Helen, we cannot thank you enough.



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debbie holmes
debbie holmes

12, March 2021

If it’s all for free l would be happy to recive the clothes and take pics

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