Over the past couple of weeks we have been introducing you to the 6 fabulous women who stepped in front of the camera for us as a part of our second WE WANT YOU CAMPAIGN.

Our aim with these campaigns is to showcase everyday women who wear Harlow and to be able to share more images on our socials that reflect the women who back us, with every purchase they make. It was to show you and everyone of the women that chooses to support us that you matter, that women come in all shapes, heights, sizes, and that each of us can rock an outfit with style.

The images we have received back, blew us away, being able to see women stand confidently and proudly in our pieces makes us so damn happy! We produce fabulous pieces, but it's the women that wear them that make them special, it makes our hearts swell if they can slip on a piece of Harlow and it helps them to shine their brightest.

BIG BIG BIG thanks to Jen, Kelly, Suneeti, Jess, Andria & Angela so for being involved, we are pleased as punch how this campaign turned out 🥰


We asked them why they decided to be a part of our campaign & how it made them feel?

Want to get to know each of them a little more & see them in more outfits? Click on the READ MORE > above to head to their individual blog posts.

Did you love seeing these women showcasing our designs & do you  want to  be involved in our next campaign - click through this link to read how https://www.harlowstore.com/blogs/news/we-want-you-to-star-in-our-next-campaign

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