We made the post, the Huffington Post!!!!

As most of you know we have jumped into POP UP shops head first in the past 2 months. Popping up in Smith st Collingwood, Paddington Sydney and wrapping up one in High St Northcote this week.

We have loved the experience, getting to meet all of you who have come along as well as having the opportunity to introduce our brand to new fashionistas. There is nothing like meeting the women who support your brand up close and personal, it's a truly humbling experience.

The Huffington post seemed to think it was a story & here we are, there is even a mug shot of A & I included, #classic.

We look forward to bringing you more pop ups, both individual and collaborative in the coming months,

BIG THANKS to Andrea Beattie & The Huffington Post​

Click the image below to read all about it...


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