Thank you Sydney | Pop up round up

Sydney you rock!

You made our first ever Harlow road trip an overwhelming success. We cannot thank you enough!

We were truly humbled by the amount of Harlow devotees that popped by to visit us at our Paddington boutique. The turn out, proved to us that the Harlow pop up road trip was the right thing to do. It has us thinking about how we can incorporate more pop ups in Harlow's future.

Big special thank you as well to the women who walked in off the street into our gorgeous space and allowed us to introduce the brand to them for the first time. 

There is nothing quite like getting to meet the women who wear our designs up close and personal, talk to you face to face and hear what you love & need from us, making connections is what we are all about. We mean it when we say that without the support of each & every one of our Harlow women, we would not exist.

The SIP & SHOP event was a overwhelming success with so many of you fabulous ladies coming out in support, we were so busy that we forgot to take any photos,but thanks to the lovely Kim-Marie we have a couple she was happy to share with us, no photo of me would be complete without awkward pose/smile....

If you didn't get the opportunity to pop down and see the space in all its glory, never fear, we have a virtual tour for you.....

The Paddington space was fabulous, we were so pleased with how it came out...


I have now become a little obsessed with video & have put together a little bump out time lapse video for you, if only we could work that fast in real life.....


Brisbane we are coming for you, trust us we have not forgotten you, it's just taking as a little longer to finalise dates and venue, it's a whole other level of logistics setting up in Brisbane when our only option is to fly. We hope to have firm dates and venue for you by the end of next week :-)

We have been loving the pop ups so much that we have joined forces with 2 other amazing designers to bring you a collaborative pop up, with LKD & Seraphim under the umbrella of 4 Pop UP Shop!


4 weeks of beautiful independently designed fashion
4 every body (sizes range from 10-28)
4 every woman!

Now that's exciting!!!

Blog post to follow with more info...


Once again BIG BIG BIG thanks from the bottom of our hearts for all that visited our first 2 pop ups, we cannot thank you enough,






  • Anonymous

    Hi Martina, such a pleasure to meet you, we were so humbled by our reception, and getting to meet long time followers like yourself is priceless xxx

  • Martina

    It was so wonderful to see you and your stock in real life. Thanks for coming to Sydney. So glad it was successful for you

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