Take A Closer look Episode - The Essential legging

Guess what’s back and better than ever? Our amazing Essential Ponte Leggings! These babies are a total wardrobe must-have, combining style and comfort like nobody’s business.

These leggings are the definition of versatility. They’re not just for chic casual days or running errands. Oh no, they’re perfect for everything. Corporate them up for the office, or pair them with our Level Up Blazer for a Hot As look! The possibilities are endless!

I know it may sound like I’m hyping them up, but trust me, these leggings live up to the hype. And to prove it, we have our fabulous friend Andrea here to show you just how versatile they are. Get ready to be blown away by her styling tips and tricks. G

Andrea wears a Small is 173cm tall / Bust 110 /Waist 93 /hips 120

Outfit 1 - Jean Genie Denim Shirt, cross-body bag, and boots

Outfit 2 - Leggings rolled up with Jean Genie Shirt back with kicks

Outfit 3 - Jean Genie Shirt rolled up back with kicks + Level Up Blazer

Outfit 4 - We have cropped the leggings, by turning them under & team with your favorite white shirt & slip-ons.

Outfit 5 - We have thrown on the Level up blazer for instant style elevation

Outfit 6 - Paired with heels, a blazer & obi belt for a hot night out

Outfit 7 - Layer it up with a trench, all 3 of these pieces are in the same base cloth for a stylish casual suiting feel

Outfit 8 - Corporate them up with a statement shirt and boots for the office

Outfit 9 - And a crossbody bag and blazer for warmth and sophistication


We have a few of these items in stock from our preorder delivery - SHOP HERE  



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