Holiday Capsule | 8 pieces + 6 accessories = 24 looks

Lucky enough to be setting off on a holiday adventure?

Are you a seasoned packer?

Do you travel light or are you the type that takes everything but the kitchen sink with them - just in case?

If you are the later and want a few tips on how to pack light when you are going away for more then a few days this is the blog post for you.

Once you know how - it’s super easy, with a few easy care/easy wear pieces, a couple of accessories, and 3 pairs of shoes you will look stylish with ease in almost any situation. It’s all about making your pieces work for you, mixing and matching like a boss to give you the multiple combinations.

The key in packing light is to pack pieces that work together. In this case we have made it easy by sticking to neutrals of black, white, grey marle, denim and a few fun prints to mix it up a little. Adding accessories to this will give you even more options.

We have pulled out 8 pieces + 6 accessories from our collection. We then mixed & matched to give you 24 different outfit combinations that will have you looking stylish and Chic for weeks on end if needed!

Our selection is all from the current range of Harlow, mixed with some fabulous footwear, however you could just as easily get the same effect by incorporating similar pieces from your existing wardrobe.

These combo's are just the start, we are sure that once you start looking at the differing ways that your wardrobe can work for you, you will come up with many more variations.

At this stage your capsule collection will fit neatly within your cabin luggage allowance, with room for underwear, PJ’s and toiletries. Just add in your footwear & your ready to go. That's 24 outfits neatly fitting into your cabin luggage - how good is that!

These tips are not just for holidays, but for your everyday, making your wardrobe work harder for you when you are at home. It’s amazing how much more value we can get from each of our pieces when we use a little imagination.

Until next time,

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  • Melanie

    Thank you! Some excellent ideas here. Will definitely keep this in mind for my next trip.

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