January 23, 2019 2 min read

Exciting News!

We have been included in Sustainable and Fashionable Melbourne: A guide to ethical local makers by Great Lukavic through Slattery Media.

We ere excited to be included amongst 80 other ethical and sustainable brands of Melbourne in this fabulous book. Thank you to Slattery Media for the inclusion, and helping us tell our story about why making pieces in Australia that women love and that will last the test of time is important to us xxx.

If you are looking for a copy you can purchase one here:

Slattery Media 


We don’t often talk about ourselves as a business, and what our ethics are, but we thought that it was worth sharing that Harlow is made in Australia, and the reasons why it’s important to us.

Manufacturing locally means:

  • we can be nimble in our design process,
  • we can take the time good design needs to get each design fit & feel special,
  • we can use premium quality fabrics and make smaller/limited edition runs which allows us to bring you something unique in our offering,
  • greater innovation from close collaboration with our makers.

We have strong partnerships with teams behind the brand. Not only is our patternmaking team, The Sample Room just as invested as us in getting the fit right, they also work towards a bigger goal of ours to minimise fabric and are ethically accredited.

We know & have a strong relationship with a family run, accredited factory who makes your clothes. They strive to ensure that every Harlow garment is of the premium quality you deserve.

Australian made fashion is important to us, keeping skills alive, making local, knowing the people behind our product makes us feel proud.

We can celebrate that.



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