CURVE EDIT - I share my thoughts on the morning of the BIG DAY!


It’s a BIG DAY - So So So many emotions, running through my body, my mind and my soul.

My younger self would be so damn chuffed if she could see me now! Not in a million years would she believe that a brand that she had created, would be showcasing in Fashion Week - HELL YES!

It’s a definite pinch me moment! Owning a plus size brand I have never felt like Harlow would be invited to walk AAFW! I’ve never felt like my or any brand that caters to sizes 12+ is ever considered “FASHION”. We barely see plus shown in any fashion events in australia. And if by some luck a fashion publication has a plus editorial it will be 3 pages (if we are lucky) in the 300+ Page magazine, and even then often the brands shown do not extended beyond a size 16! Showing us that they don’t think we deserve to be showcased!!!

It may sound melodramatic but ALL my life I have never felt like I have belonged, that I was a part of society, I always felt like an outsider - because I lived in a bigger body. Having not seen my body shape or ones like mine represented ANYWHERE in media, tv or movies (unless they were the comic relief or villan) let alone in the FASHION WORLD, I felt that being me was not the “ideal” and this made me feel that being me was WRONG / not good enough! And sadly I am sure that I am not the only one that felt that way!

When I was a child ALL the women I was surrounded with spent too much energy mentally and physically trying to shrink themselves so that they could be deemed “worthy” or “good enough” & because I looked up to these women I learnt to do So too!

I have spent many of my 53 years unlearning whilst fighting against these external and internalised biases but those thoughts still creep into my subconscious, too damn often! It’s a challenge this rewiring of the brain!

Thankfully change has been afoot for a while we have been seeing so much more representation in media, tv, movies, music videos on social media and in runways & we are here for it!

I am beyond excited that this change is happening which will hopefully mean less young people will feel like I did.

@ausfashionweek has had the best casting I have seen I have been applauding every single runway with its diversity.

And today THE CURVE EDIT runway will take it next level & I just cannot wait to SEE IT!

Harlow along with 5 other brands are a part of history in the making!

It’s because of people like @chelseabonner of @bellamanagement & brands like ours who refuse to believe that we need to hide our bodies, that our bodies are not who we are, people that believe that ALL bodies are worthy that change is happening.

Now yes my younger self would be jumping with joy - but my 53 year old self is literally shitting herself to have to be front & centre for the day!

If you are at the event come by & say hi 👋🏻, I’ll be easy to spot, I’ll likely to be the one blubbering uncontrollably from happiness! Better make sure I’m wearing waterproof mascara 😉

Big love to you all



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