Not every barricade is a roadblock....

As some of you may know, Photo shoots, don't always go according to plan!

We'd set ourselves a challenge for our AW15 lookbook shoot. Shooting 25 separate items (*SKU's as we say in the biz), 18 different outfits, In studio editorial as well as an Urban landscape off site editorial.

We knew it was going to be a long day, however we'd put in some solid preparation to ensure that we would meet the challenge. Meeting with Meagan Harding at her studio a few weeks prior to nut out the shoot brief, the feel, look and what we ultimately needed to achieve from the 9 hours of shooting. 

The gorgeous Chanel (talent), Dani (hair) & Rita (MUA) were all been briefed with what we wanted to achieve. We had Spreadsheets with changes, breaks & touch ups timed to the minute. 

& we #NAILEDIT, between Meagan knowing exactly what was needed, Chanel executing every shot with perfection and our pre-prep, we #ROCKED the hell out of part 1 & 2 of the shoot! 

After deliberating all day if we would risk it (due to rain), we decided  to tackle the urban editorial shoot head on, we packed up our cars and off we went. We knew where we were going, Meagan had shot there only recently and completed recon just the week before to check the lighting.

We sped across town in record time, only to be met with 2 feet high grey boarding, with these signs plastered all over them, right across the area that we had planned on driving through to get our amazing urban editorial shots......

You can see the boarding and signs just over Chanel's right shoulder !!!

So the Urban shoot we were planning couldn't go ahead, but with some quick thinking and a super creative and adaptable team we made lemons from lemonade, and turned a long day of shooting from 1 look book into 2!


Click here to see AW15.2 in its entirety, we hope you love it as much as we do....

& here are a few BTS snaps, showing you the lengths our team will go to, to get you the perfect shot!


Once again BIG THANKS to the team for going above & beyond.

Gotta Love it when things just come together.


K & A




& for those of you who may not know & want to know:


  1. DEFINITION of 'Stock Keeping Unit - SKU' A store's or catalog's product and service identification code, often portrayed as a machine-readable bar code that helps the item to be tracked for inventory. A stock keeping unit (SKU) does not need to be assigned to physical products in inventory.

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  • Jenni from Styling Curvy

    Such a gorgeous girl Chanel is…perfect for Harlow! I love these pics

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