101 Ways To Style Up This Season's Blanket Wrap

Cool, chic, perfectly oversized and above all, WARM - a blanket wrap is a winter must have.

Not only do these babies keep you warm & toasty they can be super versatile. As promised we’ve put together a little album and a few video tutorials to show you how easy it is to get a bunch of different looks from this season’s hottest trend.

Some are classics and some will be your new favourite thing, whichever way you choose to style it up a blanket wrap is sure to keep you feeling super toasty, whilst still looking chic.

OK, so I admit that we don't quite have the 101 ways the title of the blog post as promised, but hopefully a few new ideas on how to get more from the wraps in your wardrobes.

Kerry wears Taking it easy long line tee in Black + Rebel Rebel skinny leg jeans + One night wrap 


1. Kerry wears Dream maker dress in B&W melange + Forever wrap, 2. Chanel wears One night wrap  + Jean genie skinny leg denim + Charmer obi belt 3. Chanel wears Dream maker sweater dress - Charcoal + One night wrap ,4. Chanel wears Taking it easy long line tee - white + Jean genie skinny legs denim + Forever wrap

Want a more detailed "how to?" Watch these video tutorials for a few more ideas...

Apologies in advance for my stumbling through the tutorials if nothing else they are entertaining  - done is better than perfect they say!!!

Do you have other new and exciting ways to style a blanket wrap that we haven’t covered?

We'd love you to share it with us, so we can add it to our repertoire, sharing is caring right?

Share & tag us on FB, IG or twitter use the #wrapstyling101 or if you prefer send us an email, so we can add it to our next video tutorial.

Big thanks to Kerry one of our long time & loyal customers who stepped in to be our Model for the day, I'm sure you will agree she did a fabulous job.

Have fun wrapping yourselves up this winter


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