Take A Closer Look Series - Born This Way Sweater

Excited to be launching another episode in our “Take a Closer Look” series.
Join Kerry & Alyssa as they guide you through the Born This Way Sweater. The pieces fabulous design details .Watch to the end and see Alyssa show us styling suggestions for this uber-chic piece.
Alyssa wears the small in all the pieces and is 165cm tall.
LOOK 1 & 2 : Born This Way Sweater + Born To Be Wild Midi Skirt
LOOK 3: Born This Way Sweater + Jean Genie Denim Shirt + Edge Of Glory Leatherette Front Pants
LOOK 4: Born This Way Sweater + Crash Boom Bang Pants Bordeaux
LOOK 5:own: Born This Way Sweater + Models own denim
LOOK 6: Taking Care of business shirt + Born This Way Sweater + Born To Be Wild Midi
LOOK 7: Born This Way Sweater + Edge Of Glory Leatherette Front Pants
Pre-orders are now closed - however, you can sign up for restock notifications in your size, if we receive returns/exchanges or if we were able to stretch our fabric to make an additional few pieces.
Link to Born This Way Sweater https://www.harlowstore.com/products/born-this-way-sweater

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