Take a Closer Look Ep. 8 - Give Me A Reason Top

To celebrate the return of the divine colour Scarlet and introduce the new kid on the block Dark Navy, we have shot a new episode of "Take A Closer Look."
This episode came from necessity as due to the current restrictions in Victoria we cannot shoot on a model. However we were not going to let not having ecommerce shots get us down, so it was time to improvise!
Lucky for us, Angelo & I are a unit as we live in the same home, which means that the two of us together have been able to shoot the items on a mannequin & do small videos to allow us to continue to launch new stock!
If the last 19 months has taught us anything it has taught us to be quick on our feet, improvise and shrug of the ever flowing obstacles and push through.
We sincerely hope that you are all going OK 😍

 You can find our Give me a Reason Tops here:

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