STYLE EDIT | 5 pieces - 12 looks

You know when it comes to fashion and style, we’re all about less is more. It's about gathering quality pieces that you can mix & match, style & re-style in different ways to give you multiple options.

If you have ever felt the overwhelm of closet chaos, and wondering what to wear on the daily, we hope this STYLE EDIT will give you a few pointers of how to mix it up.

We have taken 3 of our favourite pieces from this seasons collection, along with 2 accessories, to make a mini capsule wardrobe edit.

If you are looking for a base to build a capsule wardrobe on, these 5 pieces are a great place to start.

+ A great white shirt

+ Slim-line crop pants in a solid colour

+ A lightweight knit

+ A belt

+ Blanket wrap

That’s 3 pieces of clothing + a belt + a wrap = 12 looks! Gotta love that!

We had a lot of fun coming up with ways in which to mix these 5 pieces up & re-style them into 12 stylish looks.

 STYLE EDIT _ 5 pieces 12 looks 1

 STYLE EDIT _ 5 pieces 12 looks 2

STYLE EDIT _ 5 pieces 12 looks 3

STYLE EDIT _ 5 pieces 12 looks

STYLE EDIT _ 5 pieces 12 looks 5

STYLE EDIT _ 5 pieces 12 looks 6

Item's featured

+ Smooth Criminal Shirt - White

You Drive Me Wild Cigarette Pant

I Want It All Knit - Navy

Wrap It Up Belt - Denim/Black

+ Treat Me Right Blanket Wrap - Navy

We hope this week’s edit gives you a little style inspiration on how to mix it up in your own personal wardrobe, picking up tips on how to make the most from your wardrobe and have you mixing and matching it up like a boss in no time!

Until next time, 

Keep Stylish...


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