Sharing my word of the year for 2022

2022 is almost here and we wanted to wish you a very Happy New Year!

Here at Harlow, I'm sure like a lot of people we are thankful to be closing the door of the year that was, whilst looking forward with positivity to a bright 2022.

I’ve never really been into a rigid New Years resolution, instead a few years back thanks to being inspired by the ingenuity of a friend. I started to take on a Word of the year! Which I have loved doing!

I think of my "Word of the year" as being my constant – yet gentle – reminder to bring what I feel is most needed to me. The idea is to use the "Word of the Year" to help guide my decisions and continue moving towards what I want. The first step to manifesting anything you desire is awareness and intention - that’s what my word does for me.

For 2021 I chose EASE - a year filled with ease, an uncomplicated year, more movement, more time to smile, more slow time, more time in nature, more laughter, more love, more travel, more living life, I want to do and achieve things, but all with ease.

As we all know 2021 was NOT EASY! And a lot of what I was aiming like "uncomplicated" & "trave" didn't quite come to fruition. However my intention of EASE did help me get through another challenging year. The moving my body, getting out into nature, meditating & slowing down helped my mindset. Instead of pushing back against what I couldn't change or plan for I leant into the art of changing course. Finding the only way through 2021 was to embrace the change and reset often, which made decisions easier and less complicated. A year of learning not to sweat the small stuff!

This year my word is JOY –  the past 22 months have been ALOT, filled with so many things beyond our control, and within all the uncertainty the one thing that has kept me feeling ok is looking for the joy in the everyday, so for 2022 I have decided to keep this intention going, and expanding it in EVERYTHING I do. 
From the mundane to the magnificent, Joy in walking each morning, in stretching my body, in spending time with the ones I love, taking in nature, lazing under blue skies, joy in adventures, in my design and in the world of Harlow....

Let me know if you’re a “word of the year” type of person, and if you are, would love to hear what yours is for 2021.

Kerry 🖤

If you want to come on board and need a little inspiration use the prompt below - choose the first word that jumps out at you ...


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