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Did you know that Wednesday the 17th of February is Random Act Of Kindness Day? 

We are big believers in always being kind, to yourself, to the ones you love and to complete strangers, it's just a great way to live.

It’s amazing how much you can change by doing a little. 

Imagine if all of us did something kind every single day. We could change the world. If your keen here are a few easy ways to get on board the “random act of kindness train”

👋 Give a warm & friendly greeting. It can be as easy as a friendly hello to your neighbour.

😘 Say “thank you”.

🚪 Hold the door open for someone.

📝 Leave a note of gratitude , Whether its for the kids, the hubby or even the housemates – leave a note that starts the day off right!

💕 Be kind to yourself! Write down 3 things you’re grateful for and email it to yourself at the end of the day, 

🥪 Invite someone in the office to sit with you at lunch. A friendly smile and company can brighten someone’s day!

🌿 Be enviro-conscious. Be kind to our planet - pick up some litter, skip the straw.

☕ Shout the next person’s coffee. Pay it forward and pay for the next person’s coffee while you’re grabbing your own. 

What random act of kindness will you be doing?

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