Our Customers Rock

In all seriousness they totally do!

Last month we did a call out on Instagram to see if any of our Brisbane customers would be willing to step in front of the camera for us.

We wanted to shoot with everyday women who wear Harlow, to be able to have our pictures reflect the women who back us, with every purchase they make. To show you and every one of the women that chooses to support us that you matter, that women come in all shapes, heights, sizes, and that each of us can rock an outfit with style.

We got the most amazing response, with 5 fabulous fashionistas stepping up and standing by my side as I stepped outside my comfort zone for the day.

Meet Renee, Jacinta, Louise, Karen W & Karen M,  5 women who absolutely rock!

These 5 women were absolutely amazing, smiling, laughing, sharing and supporting all the way through what were challenging conditions. You would never know from these images that they were shooting in a non air-conditioned studio, on a very windy 34-degree day.

They brought with them such energy and made our first ever, customer photo shoot a delight.

We absolutely love these photos and hope you do too...

Want to see more of the images from the shoot?  CLICK HERE to view our FB album
We had so much fun, that we can’t wait to do it again, it’s part of our plan for 2020 to bring more of these types of shoots to our socials - stay tuned


  • Kerry Pietrobon

    Fay, doesn’t sound ofdd at all, we wish we could do another group shoot – how good would that be :-), we hope to again in the not too distant future, Kerry of Harlow

  • Fay kennedy

    This may sound strange, but I feel it would be good to be apart of a photo shoot, when it comes to having my photo taken I have rather low self esteem about my body shape. But every time I wear a Harlow outfit family and friends always comment on how lovely it suites me. I can see on these 5 beautiful faces how much fun the ladies had at the photo shoot. Fay 💖

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