Meet the Model: Jenn Atilemile

Jen in-between takes at our photoshoot.

Meet Jenn Atilemile. Raised in Melbourne currently Sydney based, she made her modelling debut in 2015. Jenn is poised for big things - currently travelling and working in the UK. We thought we would ask her a few questions and get to know her a little better after our AW17 campaign shoot.

Kerry: How would you describe your personal fashion style?
Jenn: I’ve always thought of myself as a non-trend follower, I kind of just do my thing, because all trends come back around! I like clean lines though, like something structured, that hugs all the right places and shows my figure. I also like black (I attribute that to Melbourne). Give me a pair of high-waisted jeans, a basic tee, and a great pair of boots, and that’s me. I’d dress it up with a statement blazer or bag. I like OTT, and glitter, LOTS of glitter!

Kerry: Whose style inspires you in the fashion world?

Jen: I think Candice Huffine has an amazing sense of style, if I could afford what she wore I’d be wearing it in a heartbeat (woman can dream though right?). I’m also the biggest fan of Bella Hadid, she’s got the ultimate model off-duty look, always looks effortlessly chic, and at times there’s a little rock chick vibe thrown in. I’m still hoping some of those high fashion looks can filter down to brands that want to go into plus sizing though!

Kerry: What is your can’t-live-without wardrobe staple?
Jen: A good pair of high-waisted black denim jeans.

Kerry: What is your favourite aspect of winter dressing?
Jenn: LAYERING! I love layers. What you wear to and from wherever you are indoors is just as important as what’s underneath the big coat/scarf/hat combo you’ve got going on! I’m trying to get my hands on a vintage leopard coat for the winter at the moment!

Kerry: What is your go-to look that never fails for you?
Jenn: High waisted jeans, a plain tee with a half tuck, and boots/slides. I’m all about making a statement, so I’ve got a really cool pair of fur slides I’m waiting to debut, and I’m about to buy an ox blood pair of sock boots which I’m pretty excited about! I love that jeans can be easily taken from day to night with a simple accessory change, plus it’s super comfy, and in all honesty, I never have to worry about chafing in jeans!

Kerry: How did you get started in modelling?
Jenn: I started when I was about 15. I was constantly being told I should model, and then Australia’s Next Top Model came out, so I tried out for the second season. I was scouted in the line, and kind of started that way, but because they wanted me to lose even more weight from being a size 6-8, Mum chimed in and said no. I then went to University, and saw people like Robyn Lawley and Laura Wells in my Cosmo magazines and thought I’d give it another shot. I did a shoot in Melbourne for the magazine Kimi, and the editor suggest I send my photos into Bella. The rest is history!

Jen Model

Kerry: Do you have any modelling goals still to achieve?
Jenn: Definitely. I’ve got a modelling bucket list as such! I’ll tell you a couple, but the others are secret for now! I’d love to do an editorial in Cosmo, and a cool campaign that takes me to a beautiful location.

Kerry: Do you have a talent other than modelling?
Jenn: Yes, not many people know this, because I’ve kind of put it on the backburner while I’m doing my degree, but I sing. I’ve actually made a pact with a friend that I need to upload a video of me singing on my Instagram, and she’ll go do stand-up comedy. It’s coming- so keep watching!

Kerry: you’ve just moved to Sydney – what’s your favourite place to eat and hangout that you have discovered.
Jenn: Oooooh that is a really tough one! Sydney’s got so many pockets that you can hang out in.. but I’m pretty committed to the Inner West. I’m a massive fan of Mary’s in Newtown, it’s this American style burger bar that plays rock and roll and also does deep fried chicken. Could it be heaven? Possibly. Otherwise, I’m a massive fan of the Sydney Fish Market. I can get freshly (and sustainably) caught seafood for a bargain, and they also have sashimi and oyster bars. The Inner West is the closest thing Sydney has that resembles the vibe of Fitzroy and the overall Brunswick vibe.

Kerry: What is one simple thing can you not live without?
Jenn:Would it be a crime if I said wine? Look probably not but I can live without it. I’m probably going to have to say my phone. I wanted to give you some really deep answer but in all honesty, my life is on my phone; calendar, contacts, social media, and all the apps that help me manage my crazy life especially my health ones like my mindfulness ones!

See Jen in our Winter Luxe Campaign Shoot:

You can read more about Jenn via her blog:

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