Earlier this year we were interviewed by Jenna Flood for Cocktail Revolution Magazine 

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Plus Size Fashion for Your Inner Rock Chic

Harlow Plus size fashion label started in Melbourne in November 2012. This year they celebrated their 10th anniversary with a runway appearance as part of the Curve Edit – the first size inclusive runway at Australian Fashion Week. Harlow’s core belief is that every woman has the right to find fashion that reflects her personality. Sustainable fashion stylist Jenna Flood caught up with owners Kerry and Angelo to find out more.

Who and what is Harlow?

We’re an independent Australian fashion brand focussing on sizes 12 to 26, selling exclusively online. At Harlow we don’t chase trends. Our focus is on timeless sophistication with a rock chic edge, catering for a size range that for too long has been overlooked in Australia. Harlow is designed in Brunswick and manufactured in Melbourne in collaboration with small family run ethically accredited manufacturers.

How would you describe your latest collection? It seems to have a rock and roll vibe…?

In this collection there is a nod to our inner rock chick roots with black pleather accents, mixing it back with new and exciting prints, textures, flowing silhouettes and a little glomesh glam in sexy yet sophisticated shapes. This collection screams look at me in an intentional yet sophisticated way.

How has Harlow changed since you first started?

When we first started, we were all about the latest trends, which wasn’t serving us, our customers or the environment.

Over time we have moved towards quality fashionable pieces that you can wear on repeat. That came from listening to our customers and seeing what they purchase from us. It was clear that what they were looking for was a solution to the age-old dilemma of “what to wear and feel good”. They didn’t necessarily want the latest. What they want is an easy solution to feeling good when they walk out the door. Which is why we melded the two worlds: “fashion” and “timelessness”. We make quality pieces that they can mix and match and style up for maximum impact.

This in turn has us making a much smaller impact on the environment and our customers can feel good about the fact that they are purchasing pieces made thoughtfully.


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