A tale of a reluctant model....

22, July 2016 2 min read 2 Comments

For our recent pop ups we had 2 new designs in our best selling Diva top made. Somehow in all the popping up, we just haven't had a chance to get the pieces professionally photographed. 

After multiple emails and comments on FB & IG asking us when they would be available on line (we love how eager you are!), we decided to take the matter into our own hands, and I turned into the reluctant model for a few candid shots! (cue silent screams of terror).

By now you all know that I shy away from the camera and do NOT love having my photo taken, so this was a BIG deal for me. However this year my aim has been to get myself in front of the camera on a more regular basis - we all need to stretch ourselves every now and again, and this has been something I have wanted to conquer for sometime, so why not go all out and be model for a day right? How bad could it be? I'll let you be the judge of that!

I may not be the world's greatest model, but I think it does the trick, showing colours and the new designs enough to give you the info you need,  and allow you the opportunity to grab one of these fabulous new designs before they have all gone.

Fit and shape is the same as our best selling oversized diva top, the Mandela is in the same luxurious polyester/elastane jersey as the previous styles & the Adder is a new fabric for this style a luxuriously super soft viscose/elastane.
Please note - these items are only available via a special hidden link - click on any of the images above! Or by searching Mandela, Adder or Diva in the search bar on the website. I am not quite ready to step that far out of my comfort zone and put myself front & centre on the website. I will leave that to the gorgeous, talented and amazing models, who make it look effortless...
Have a great week

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kerry pietrobon
kerry pietrobon

27, October 2016

Thank you Donna :-) xxx


20, September 2016

You may not like the camera but it loves you. You are so gorgeous keep up the modelling work .

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