PayPal Has Your Return Shipping Costs Covered

*Up to 4 refunds per PayPal account on eligible purchases. A cap of AU $45.00 per refund request applies.


How do I make a Refund Request?

To submit a Refund Request, submit a claim within 14 days of returning the item and attach required documentation.

If any document is missing, you’ll need to submit it within 7 days of your initial submission.

  1. The completed online claim form submitted via;
  2. The confirmation email for your PayPal transaction or a screenshot of your PayPal account showing that the entire price was paid using your PayPal account and displaying the PayPal transaction ID; and
  3. A copy of your return shipping receipt that shows the amount you paid.
    1. If you use a service that tracks shipment, the receipt should also show the seller’s address;
    2. If you use regular post (with no shipment tracking), we also need a photo of the package showing the seller’s address.
  4. If the return costs were deducted from the refund of your item, we also need a copy of the refund email from the seller or PayPal, showing the amount refunded to you.

Documents must be clearly legible and emailed to Please keep the original documents as you may be asked to provide new copies if the copies are not sufficiently legible.

You can only benefit from free return shipping for payments made after you have activated the service. For details about this service, please refer to

How do I activate the Refunded Returns service?
  1. Click on the following link:
  2. Log into your PayPal account.
  3. Click Agree and Activate Now.
How will I be refunded?

If your Refund Request is accepted, you will receive a refund directly to your PayPal account.

How will I know if my Refund Request is accepted?

PayPal will send you a:

  • confirmation of receipt of your Refund Request: Within 1 business day
  • notice of approval or rejection of your Refund Request: Within 5 business days from the receipt of your complete request
  • refund to your PayPal account: Within 5 business days from the notice of approval of your Refund Request
For more information on the PayPal Refunded Returns Service, see the General Conditions of Use.

The Refunded Returns Service is offered by PayPal Pty. Ltd, in partnership with TELUS International Europe, the service provider.
To access PayPal's privacy policy, please click here.

Please note this is a service offered by PayPal and Harlow can neither assist in claiming or guarantee the service in any individual case.