Love Notes

A special thank you (love note) to YOU, our Harlow fans.

Yesterday sitting on the couch after a long day, scrolling on the gram, we received the following message via DM in reply to an Instagram story:

“That’s why your clothes are AWESOME, year after year they perform like the day you get them. Cost per wear is just outrageous!!!😱 I have been unable to beat it with any other brand...not that I have to try, you are lucky if you get two seasons out of some brands, but yours my oldest pieces are now 6 years and still going strong! 💕💕💕your work”

And the story continues:

It’s funny I remember the first two pieces I bought at a fashion event and the friend I was with said “you are not going to spend that much on two item?” I did, she was appalled, but the laugh is now in her because I’m still wearing them😂😂😂

Hit us right in the heart!

Yesterdays message reminded us how many of you have been generous with your time, by sending us what we like to call little love notes, via email, comments on our FB & Instagram pages, via reviews on our website & FB.

We wanted to reach out into your inbox and let you know how much your messages/ comments / reviews / likes mean to us. We wanted you to know that each and EVERYONE of  them makes us grin like a pair of Cheshire cats 

Thanks to our Harlow fans, we have over 1500 reviews (from purchases) on our site.

Thank you for taking the time & helping spread the word about Harlow. Each one of your reviews and comments not only help us know we are making a difference but also shows that we have an amazing community & helps tell the story that our brand has quality & is trustworthy.