Hi, we’re Harlow and we make beautiful clothes in plus-sizes.

But first, let’s start with some backstory.

We’re Kerry & Angelo and we’re the founders of Harlow Store. Harlow actually started as a solution to Kerry’s problems. Just like you, she couldn’t find clothes that she loved, only clothes that fit… sometimes.

Shopping was not fun (you know the feeling, right?) and in the end it was easier for Kerry to sew her own clothes than it was to trawl through shops and come home broken-hearted every time.

That’s where Harlow started.

You’re not alone. Over 5,000 plus-size women have felt what you feel when you go shopping. They’ve also found a solution to their shopping and fashion problem in our company, Harlow.

This is why we do what we do. To help you feel like your most powerful you.

We know ourselves that fashion for plus-size women is difficult to get right.

What does this mean to you?

It means if you invest into yourself by buying clothes you love (not clothes that just fit), it will literally change your life. Not only will you wear clothes that look amazing and make you feel beautiful each and every day, shopping will actually become a joy for you to do - yes you heard right - shopping will be fun!

  • New position at work?
  • Family event to attend?
  • Date night?
  • Looking to overhaul your entire wardrobe?

You know where to go… Harlow.