About Harlow


Harlow’s core belief is that every woman has the right to find fashion that reflects her personality.

Designed and made in Melbourne, Harlow is a range of women’s clothing for sizes 12-26 aimed at the woman who yearns to change the world, the movers and the shakers, for women who stand tall and proud, for women who want to set themselves apart from the crowd.

With our signature monochrome palette, pleather detailing, body skimming silhouettes and Harlow denim, you’ll have all you need to release your inner rock chick.

Why Australian Made?

Read our blog post on why it's important to us......


Meet the team

Kerry Pietrobon

Kerry is one half of Team Harlow.

Her love affair with Fashion started early and due to lack of “fashionable” clothing in her size, she was forced to get creative. Using inspiration from trends she was seeing in magazines, music videos, movies and on the streets she went about adjusting store patterns and whipping up outfits on weekends and putting her own twist on them. Sometimes frantically putting the pedal to the metal to get a new piece created, just minutes before walking out the door.

This drive and determination to get ‘the look’ has helped her in her quest to take the plunge and together with her partner in crime & life Angelo, launch Harlow in 2013.


Angelo Pietrobon

Angelo has jumped in feet first into the adventure of getting Harlow off the ground. Recognising that there is an infinite amount of manufacturing talent and skills within his home town of Melbourne, he is determined to tap into this talent and create something special. He asks the question : “What happens when inspired people work together to find out what is possible rather than what there is?"