We Want You collection

Hey there

We are so excited to have you on board for our "we want you campaign". We are a brand whose sole purpose is in helping women feel special in their everyday :-). 

We believe it is important for women to see themselves reflected in marketing, with this in mind it is super important to us to get as many different bodies on our feed as possible.

Thank you for helping us make this happen


We want your imagery to be authentic to you & to your style, with that in mind, we want you to model and keep Harlow pieces that you will love.

Please choose from this collection your top 3 outfits, and list them in order of preference, you will receive one of the 3. This will allow us to ensure we get a good mix of items shot.

NOTE: 1 outfit  is either 1 dress, or a top and a bottom to make an outfit + a belt if your a belt wearer 

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