Spirit Of India

Late last year we spent 3 glorious weeks travelling Rajasthan India, we named it the “find our smiles” tour & find them we did.

North India is a truly magical place, the sights are incredible,the sunsets breathtaking, the food delicious and the people always smiling and friendly, I challenge anyone to travel this part of the world and not come back grinning from ear to ear 😊

Whilst we were in Delhi, we met with a small family run manufacturer located in Noida with the idea that we might be able to bring a little of India back with us in the form of fashion.

What we loved about the everyday fashion we saw on the streets of India was the soft textures of the fabrics, the loose draping of garments and the intricate embroideries.

So we sat down and came up with a small capsule collection.

“The Spirit of India”

5 pieces, we designed specifically with you in mind,reflective of the amazing places that we visited and experienced. Soft lightweight, cotton rich styles that will work perfectly in our Australian summer. Keeping you sun safe and cool at the same time.

We chose the fabrics and designs based on what India and Delhi in particular is known for, soft Cottons, muted washes, lace cut work, embroidery and tassel detail. Taking traditional Indian practices and giving them a Harlow feel.

Made in collaboration with an ethically accredited family run manufacturer that has generations of experience and takes quality just as seriously as we do.

We hope you love it as much as we do,




Why India, you may ask? 

Why not make these items inspired by India in Australia like we do the rest of our product? The honest truth the answer is two fold:

Skills and Fabrications

Soft Cotton and Rayons are India's speciality, as is embroidery. Sourcing these varieties of soft cotton fabrications is challenging in Australia. As is being able to add embroidery of this intricacy and calibre to our garments locally.


We  thought it was more authentic to have these items made in the country that inspired them.

Jaipur Embroidered Smock Top - Black - Harlow On sale


Jaipur Embroidered Smock Top - Black

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$94.50 $189.00

Jaipur Embroidered Smock Top - White - Harlow On sale
Pushkar Broiderie Blouse - Navy - Harlow On sale


Pushkar Broiderie Blouse - Navy

3 reviews

$109.50 $189.00

Pushkar Broiderie Blouse - Black - Harlow On sale
Jodhpur Slouch Pant - Harlow On sale


Jodhpur Slouch Pant

5 reviews

$89.50 $149.00

On sale
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