Sharing our survival tips for lockdown ūüĖ§

25, July 2021 4 min read


Maneuvering your way through lockdown can be tough, being Melbournians we surely have had a lot of practice at it! 

Logistically you may think that having now hit lockdown 5 that it would get easier.

But in reality it doesn't! Well it hasn't for me that's for sure. I've found some things that have helped me shift my lockdown blues in the past 16 months, which I thought I would share with in this post.

Dance like no-one is watching. 

In all seriousness, turn that music up loud and dance - dance it out!!!!!!!! Dance 100% gets those good endorphins going¬†ūüėĀ¬†

Check out our Harlow Playlist that are sure to get you up and moving!


When you get smashed at the holiday office party. | Julia louis dreyfus, Elaine  dance, Seinfeld

Get outside

Go for a walk, ride a bike, take the dog for a run, sit in a park just get outside in the fresh air, being cooped up within our homes can become very limiting, getting outside in nature can be a mood changer. 

If you follow along on our social accounts, you will know that I often share the beauty I find along my way on our stories. I do this not to share, but also for me, because if I am looking out for things of beauty to capture - I am seeing more beauty which makes me smile - mother nature truly is a healer.


I know this isn't for everyone but mindful slow movement has really helped me, there are thousands of different apps and YouTube videos out there for you to find something that works for you.

I have found and have been using for more then 3 years now Yoga by Adrienne. She has hundreds of classes on YouTube, from 5min morning yoga - a favourite of mine to longer 90 minute classes. I find its not about the length of the class, but rather the mood shifting that can happen in just 5 minutes...


Again, it's not about the length of the meditation but rather the doing, since I have started a meditation practice prior to setting off to bed, or listening as I fall asleep, my sleep has improved. I am getting a better quality sleep which is having me wake feeling rested. Sleep is so important.

The app I currently use is for small meditations through the day, there are also 1000s of great music meditations to fall asleep to on Spotify and You Tube, this is one of my favourites...

Connecting with the outside world

Be that a walk in person, a phone call, a zoom chat, face time or what's app, or even a volleying of conversation via text. 

Connection with others can be an instant mood lifter. 

Curate Your Social Media

     “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with."

                                                                                      - Jim Rohn

This is also the same for our social media accounts, this is the perfect time to remove any accounts from your feed that do not spark joy! This will allow you to see more of the positive in your feed - this is one great thing about social media - especially Instagram, you can curate what you see every day - you are in control.

Some accounts we love are - click on the images to go to the Instagram pages.


However even having all these in my arsenal, there are some days that it all gets a little much, and on those days I try and be a little more gentle on myself, I don't push, I try and listen to what I need  and sometimes for me that's allowing myself to feel all  the anger at the situation, the sadness, the grief, the loss of what was meant to be. I allow myself a good- 24 hours to feel all the feels and then I slowly and gently pull myself back into the glass half full version of myself, the one that knows that moving even a millimetre at a time forward is important for me mentally. Sometimes its a harder then others but usually within a few days I'm OK again.

You may ask, why I am sharing my personal struggles with you, I guess its because I know that if I am feeling all the feels about our current situation that a lot of you may be too, and if my honesty about my own situation, allows you to not feel alone then that's all that matters.

be kind to you, your loved ones and the strangers you meet on the street - we are all going through a lot right now, some more then others,






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